Use your TFTP server from the wiring closet or on the go!

Mobile TFTP Server for iPad iPhoneNow with Dropbox integration and large file size transfers (>32 MB)!

TFTP Server is a mobile TFTP server for your iPhone and iPad. Walk from wiring closet to wiring closet with an iPad or iPhone and have all of your current router and switch code levels and configs with you, so that you can tftp the code or config to or from the device. Don’t leave an unsecured tftp server running all the time in your network on a Windows PC or server.

Follow these steps:

1) Enable the Mobile TFTP Server on your iPhone/iPad. The IP address displayed is the IP address you will use to “put” or “get” files from.

2) Tftp the config, code, or any file you need. For example, “tftp -i -b1280 get large-ios-code.bin”. Or upload or download your file from your Dropbox account!

3) turn the TFTP server back off. That’s it!

It’s a quick way to clone configs between switches in different wiring closets, or make sure you are never stranded without a config, knowing you have a current config traveling with you.

“AppFresh Daily – One of the top iPhone apps for 2011.” –

Download Mobile TFTP Server from the App Store.


9 Responses to Use your TFTP server from the wiring closet or on the go!

  1. Simon Leigh says:

    This app ROCKS! As a network engineer I have always had to use my laptop to connect to routers and switches to copy configs and IOS’s but now i can do it on my works Ipad.
    This is the must have app for all network engineers.
    Oh I dont work for either :)

  2. barsky says:

    I work in the IT department of a large multi-site corporation and this app has saved me a ton of time and hassles when I have to travel from site to site to do troubleshooting and firmware upgrades. This is an awesome little app, keep up the good work!

    • mobile tftp says:

      Thank you for your comment! If you have any questions or suggestions for features please let us know. If you would be so kind as to leave us a review on the App store that would be great too. Thanks again!

  3. MAiN_PRoToCoL says:

    Great idea for an app! But please make it available for all iOS versions! This is a life saver!

  4. Jeff says:

    My only problem with this is that the only reason to upload a config is in a scenario where the router/switch has gone bad and you need to get a new config on the new switch or switch that lost its config. How do you get the config back on the switch? iPads are wireless only.

    • mobileuser says:

      @Jeff – use the wireless connection! You can configure the router or switch with just enough information to get it on the network. One ethernet interface IP address should do it!

  5. TFTP_lover says:

    Cool I don’t have an I-phone yet but when i will have this is going to be my first app…

  6. Heather says:

    Many thanks for applying free time to create “Mobile TFTP Server for iPad and iPhone”.
    Thanks a ton once more -Karen

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